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Kingsley Coman has won virtually all there is to win in football since moving to Bayern Munich in summer 2015. bundesliga.com caught up with the decorated French winger ahead of his seventh season with the record champions...

bundesliga.com: How much are you looking forward to the new season?

Kingsley Coman: "A lot. I'm really excited for the new season. We always have big goals in the team, and we want to win everything. Two seasons ago we did it, but last year we didn't manage it, so this year we will really try again to win everything."

bundesliga.com: After the successful period with Hansi Flick, Julian Nagelsmann is now the new coach at Bayern. What are your first impressions of him?

Coman: "Really good. We've had two weeks together, and I really like his philosophy. He has a lot of ideas and he brings a lot of new stuff to the table as well. I think it's really nice to see a coach who is really motivated and who has a lot of ideas."

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bundesliga.com: How would you describe his way of playing football? What does Julian Nagelsmann stand for?

Coman: "There's always a goal for any given exercise, and we often do one thing for several days in a row. We really work on one thing and then we change, so there's always a theme for three or four training sessions in a row. It's difficult to explain because you need to be on the pitch, but it's a little bit different and I think he can bring a lot of things to the team."

bundesliga.com: Julian Nagelsmann said that he still sees room for improvement with you in terms of goals and assists. Which areas of your game can he raise to an even higher level? Where do you want to improve?

Coman: "I think that's the area that I need to improve this season. I'm a player who always wants to be involved in the game and that has not always been the case. The numbers are really important in my position, but it's not my first focus. My first focus is to bring a lot to the team and, of course, to also bring assists and goals, but also a lot of chances."

bundesliga.com: You and the team can again achieve a special mark this season. You can win a 10th Bundesliga title in a row. It would be your seventh Bundesliga title. How special would that be for you?

Coman: "I don't think anyone has ever done 10 in a row, so that would be the first time. It's really not easy, so it would show that Bayern have been at the top in Germany. We will do everything to make it happen and to get even more. Ten would be really special for the club."

bundesliga.com: In David Alaba, Jerome Boateng and Javi Martinez, experienced players have left Bayern. How will your role and influence in the dressing room and on the field change?

Coman: "I think I'm one of five or six players who have been at the club for the longest time. It's a new role for me, and I will try to help as many players as I can, especially the French players because I'm French as well. I think everyone needs to help the team, but the people who have been here a long time can help the new players more."

bundesliga.com: New signing Dayot Upamecano is expected to plug one of the gaps. What qualities does he bring?

Coman: "He's a really good defender. It was never easy when we played against him. He's really fast for a defender, and he is good with the ball as well. He's really strong, and I think he will really bring a lot to the team."

bundesliga.com: And you could maybe help him with the integration, as a French connection?

Coman: "I think it was easy because everyone knew him already as he was already playing in Germany and we played against him a lot. We knew him and everyone respected him already because we knew he was a really good player. We're all looking forward to playing with him."

bundesliga.com: Robert Lewandowski and Thomas Müller were the key players for Bayern last season. What do you expect from them this season? Can they build on their performances once again?

Coman: "Of course they can do it because they are players who did it not only last season, but also the seasons before that. They always did amazingly for the team and they are really hard workers, so there is no reason for that to stop. I think they will stay at the same level or get even better."

Coman (l.) has another French teammate at Bayern in Dayot Upamecano (r.). - imago

bundesliga.com: One player who probably could take on more responsibility next season is Jamal Musiala. How has he developed and what do you expect from him next season?

Coman: "I think he's getting really good and he played really well last season. It was the first season when he started playing a lot more and he did really good. We're all looking forward to his development because he has a lot of talent and he is motivated. I'm sure the more the season goes on, the more he will become a top, top player."

bundesliga.com: How would you describe him in terms of character and what is his standing in the dressing room?

Coman: "He's still shy sometimes, but he is still young and quiet. He's really motivated and he is young, so he still has time to improve and to become more of a man. But this is normal and it will come with time. He reminds me a little of myself when I was his age, which is why I really like him!"

bundesliga.com: You will face Borussia Mönchengladbach in the Bundesliga opener. Bayern lost twice in their last two meetings away at Gladbach. How do you view them under their new coach Adi Hütter?

Coman: "They're a good team. Since I've been at Bayern, it's always been difficult to play there. Most of the time we didn't get good results against them, but every season is different and this is the first game of the season. We started well last season and the season before, so we really want to start the season well again. We will do everything, even in away games, to come away with a win."

bundesliga.com: What is important for you in the game against Gladbach?

Coman: "We will have to press hard and bring a lot of intensity into the game from the start because it is sometimes difficult in the first game when you haven’t been playing much before. We will try to bring a lot of intensity from the beginning, and I'm confident that we can do it and that we can win this game."

bundesliga.com: You also beat Gladbach 6-0 in the last meeting at home. What are your memories of the last Bundesliga meeting with Gladbach? You also scored a nice goal...

Coman: "It was a really good game. I remember we had a small two-week break near the end of the season and this helped us a lot. When we came back, we were really fresh and we brought a lot of intensity to the game. We had an amazing game and we scored all of our chances and put them under pressure. But we also know that not every game is like that, otherwise it would be too easy. It's always a different game and just because we won 6-0 last time, does not mean that we will do it again. But, of course, we will try everything to make it happen."

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bundesliga.com: Five days later, the first Klassiker of the new season will take place - the Supercup vs. Dortmund. How important would a win against BVB be? What is the significance of the Supercup?

Coman: "It's important and it's against Dortmund, so it's the Klassiker. It doesn't matter if it's in the Bundesliga, the Champions League, or the Supercup, it's always a game that we want to win. I think it's always nice to begin the season with a title and it's good for the confidence, so we will try to make it happen as well."

bundesliga.com: With Julian Nagelsmann and Marco Rose, there are new coaches on the sidelines at both clubs - does this perhaps mean a new era for the Klassiker?

Coman: "I don't think so because the Klassiker is not about the players or the coaches, it's about Bayern against Dortmund. It's really about the two clubs, so it doesn't really matter who is the coach because it will always be the Klassiker."

bundesliga.com: There have been numerous coaching changes in the Bundesliga for the new season: who do you think are Bayern's main rivals in the title race?

Coman: "As always, I think it will be Dortmund and Leipzig who will be the closest to us, meaning they will be second and third!"

bundesliga.com: Do you see Dortmund and Leipzig at eye level with Bayern? Or are you still ahead?

Coman: "No, we're still ahead, which is why I said they are second and third. We are first."

bundesliga.com: Do you see any teams that could surprise next season?

Coman: "I like Wolfsburg. I haven’t really followed if they have bought new players or if some players have left, but I really like Wolfsburg."

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